Chesterfield Township School District

Mrs. Angie Manning
Homeroom: Computer Lab
Phone: (609) 298-6900

Welcome to the Computer Lab. 
Welcome back to another great year in Technology!  We have some big changes in technology this year.  
For students that forget their username and password for Google, I am available during recess on Days 1 and 3.  They may stop by at that time to see me to obtain their username and passwords. This is also the time for students to stop in to obtain work missed due to absences. 
We will be learning about the Engineering Design Process in grades kindergarten through 4th grade.  We will be learning about Simple Machines  Students will design their own product, build it, test it and re-design as needed.  
Our kindergarten through third grade students are working on Keyboarding Without Tears.  This program goes right along with their Handwriting Without Tears program from the classroom.  If you wish for your student to have access to the program from home, please email me stating your child's name and homeroom.
All of our third through sixth grade students receive log on codes for Google Drive and Google Classroom. We now use Google Docs, Spreadsheets and Presentations (Slides) for our classwork.  The nice aspects of Google is that, one, it is accessible from any device that has Internet access and second, it saves the work automatically.  The link for Google Classroom is found the on the main page of our school web site. 
A note about headphones, if you wish for your child to use headphones from home we do ask the following:  The headphones are kept in a baggie with the student's name on it.  Headphones have a volume control.  We prefer over-the-head compared to ear buds.  If you wish for your child to use their own, they are responsible to bring them to the computer lab each time they come.  If they do forget them, they will be asked to use the school headphones.  Thanks!
There are also links for keyboarding practice.  Practice is great for increasing your speed and accuracy.
Have a great year!
Mrs. Manning