• Homework is a review of concepts and is tailored for my students' needs.
    • Generally, homework will be given Monday through Thursday. Assignments will occasionally be given over the weekend.
    • Homework is posted on the board each day.  I will discuss the homework with the class when it is assigned but it is the student's responsibility to correctly copy their homework assignments into their planners each day.  Unless it's necessary, planners will not be checked daily by the teacher.  My goal is to develop a sense of responsibility for their own assignments and tasks.  
    • All assignments should have the student's name and class number.
    • Homework that is not completed, incomplete, or unsatisfactory may result in a 'work room' period during recess so the assignment can be completed.  As a result, the student's homework grade in that subject will be lowered.  If this becomes a pattern, parents will be notified.