• ela

    • In reading, students will:

      • Participate in book clubs with a focus on making connections and inferences, as well as interpreting themes and analyzing characters

      • Conduct nonfiction research in order to teach others, as well as to support a viewpoint

      • Analyze social issues through reading nonfiction and fiction texts

      • Participate in an author's study

      Students will listen to multiple texts read aloud and participate in various types of discussions to support their learning across the ELA curriculum.

    • In writing, students will be writing in a variety of different ways with a focus on the following types of writing: 

      • Narrative

      • Informational

      • Opinion

    conflict: a struggle between opposing forces that creates tension or suspense
    in a story. A conflict may be within a character, between two characters, or
    between a character and an outside force, such as nature or society.
    external conflict: a struggle between a character and an outside force. The
    outside force could be another character, society, or a force of nature.
    internal conflict: a struggle within a character's mind. An internal conflict
    may occur when a character faces a difficult decision or conflicting feelings.
    Inner Voice
    The inner voice controls and drives that relationship.
    To better use your inner voice, and understand what you read, you can:
    1.  Stop reading and think
    2.  Pause at the end of the page
    3.  Question what might happen next
    4.  Compare what the character does, to what you would do
    5.  Slow down
    6.  Compare the setting to some place you know
    7.  Reread if you suddenly realize you don't know what you just read
    8.  Make a prediction
    9.  Read slower 
    10.If some of this list sounds like it is repeated, thank your inner voice for paying attention.


    Theme: Life lesson, meaning, moral, or message about life or human nature that is communicated by a literary work.

    In other words…

    Theme is what the story teaches readers.