Dear Parents and Students,

    Welcome to third grade! This year will be exciting for all of us! I am looking forward to challenging your child to develop academically and socially as we make the transition to more independent learning.  I hope that by June, you will marvel at the amount of positive growth you see in your child.  I also hope this year solidifies your child’s love of learning for a lifetime!

    We will continue using a workshop approach to reading and writing. In third grade, the focus in Reader’s Workshop is to develop higher level thinking skills using a variety of genres. The focus in Writer’s Workshop is to develop more detailed writing while becoming more proficient at punctuation, capitalization, and spelling. Independence is a vital key to your child’s success.

    We will be using a new math program this year, Eureka Math.   This program will challenge the class to know both how to do a task as well as explain the process used. We start right away with multiplication and division, so please be sure that your child is practicing his/her addition and subtraction facts at home this summer! We will take timed tests on multiplication facts 0-10. Of course, we will also study measurement, geometry, and fractions as well as problem solve.

    There is a lot to learn in science and social studies. We will learn about the systems in the human body as well as the earth’s resources. We will learn about communities, studying Chesterfield in depth, and hope to culminate with a tour!

    Finally, I know you are anxious to get your child’s school supplies prepared.  A list of all the supplies he/she will need is also available on my webpage. Please be sure to have them available by Friday, the 7th of September, labeled with your child’s name.

    I look forward to meeting you at Back-to-School Night on September 13th!


    Gayle Poedubicky