Dear Parents and Students,

    Welcome to third grade! This year will be exciting for all of us! I am looking forward to challenging your child to develop academically and socially as we make the transition to more independent learning.  I hope that by June, you will marvel at the amount of positive growth you see in your child.  I also hope this year solidifies your child’s love of learning for a lifetime!

    We will continue using a workshop approach to reading and writing. In third grade, the focus in Reader’s Workshop is to develop higher level thinking skills using a variety of genres. The focus in Writer’s Workshop is to develop more detailed writing while becoming more proficient at punctuation, capitalization, and spelling. Independence is a vital key to your child’s success.

    Eureka is the name of our math program.   This program will challenge the class to know both how to do a task as well as explain the process used. We start right away with multiplication and division, so please be sure that your child is practicing his/her addition and subtraction facts at home this summer! We will take timed tests on multiplication facts 0-10. Of course, we will also study measurement, geometry, and fractions as well as do LOTS of problem solving--including multi-step problems!

    There is a lot to learn in science and social studies. We will learn about forces and interactions, weather and climate as well as life cycles.  We have a brand new social studies program.  Our units include not only learning about communities, but how government works.

    Finally, I know you are anxious to get your child’s school supplies prepared.  A list of all the supplies he/she will need is also available on my webpage. Please be sure to have them available by Friday, the 6th of September, labeled with your child’s name.

    I look forward to meeting you at Back-to-School Night on September 18th!


    Gayle Poedubicky