Chesterfield Township School District

In 2008, New Jersey adopted a school funding formula in the School Funding Reform Act (SFRA).  This Act was the first step in the effort to end years of inequities in and disputes about state aid for New Jersey schools.  Districts that have been short-changed for years as their property taxes escalated, districts with high rates of enrollment growth, and districts with rising numbers of at-risk students were finally on the road to receiving their fair share of state aid.  The new formula was developed to ensure that all children in all communities will have an opportunity to succeed because their school districts will have the resources to prepare students for career and educational opportunities after high school.  Unfortunately, the SFRA has not been implemented as planned, and the Chesterfield Township School District continues to be under funded by the State of New Jersey.  Recently, representatives of the school district met with legislators to express concerns with the lack of funding of the Chesterfield Township School District.  As a result of that meeting, Assemblyman Ron Dancer and Assemblyman Rob Clifton introduced A3535 legislation to provide a supplemental appropriation for school districts across the state that had significant student enrollment increases. Chesterfield Township School District is one of those districts that would receive additional funding under this bill.  The Township Committee and the school district want to make residents aware of this pending legislation and encourage residents to contact legislators to support this bill.  See the bill here