4F Class Pet Travel Journal

    Congratulations! Your child has been chosen to take home our class pet for the week: Monday-FridayDribble, our class pet, loves adventures so be sure to take him everywhere you go!

    Your child should write 3 weekly entries about all the things Dribble  gets to do this week (trip to the ice cream stand, shopped at a store, played at a friend’s house, etc.). Be sure to date each entry and write from Dribble perspective. If you didn’t go anywhere, your child can write about what they did at home with our pet (straightened the toys, ate pizza, played on the swing set, etc). This will be an opportunity for your child to use their imagination and have fun! Please include a picture to go with at least one entry; this can be hand drawn or taken from a camera.

    On Friday morning, your child will read the journal and share about the adventures he/she had with Dribble over the week.  I look forward to hearing about your action packed week! Please email me if you have any questions, or if you will not be able to participate: lflynn@chesterfieldschool.com .

    Have fun!

    Mrs. Flynn