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    District Policy - 5511 Dress & Grooming

    The Chesterfield Township School District administration believes that it is the families' responsibility and obligation to see to it that their children come to school dressed appropriately.  To this end, students may not wear clothing or engage in grooming practices that present a health or safety hazard to the individual pupil or to others; materially interfere with school work, create disorder, or disrupt the educational program; cause excessive wear or damage to school property; or prevent the pupil from achieving his/her own educational objectives.
    The school reserves the right to require anyone whose appearance does not comport with the guidelines to change their clothing.  Where a student’s clothing does not comport with the guidelines, a child may be permitted to wear compliant clothes they have in their possession or they may be provided with alternative clothing by the school.  The Superintendent or designee shall contact the student’s parents to bring to their attention any question as to the suitability of a child's dress.  Alternatively, a student’s guardians may be called during the school day to bring alternative clothing for the student to wear for the remainder of the day.  Any enforcement of this dress code shall be conducted so as to minimize any absence from the classroom.
    Student dress code enforcement should not result in unnecessary barriers to school attendance and should not result in the shaming and demeaning of a student.  Shaming/Demeaning includes, but is not limited to: kneeling or bending over to check attire fit; measuring straps or skirt length; asking students to account for their attire in the classroom or in hallways in front of others; calling out students in spaces, in hallways, or in classrooms about perceived dress code violations in front of others; and accusing  students of “distracting” other students with their clothing.All students shall be treated equitably regardless of race, sex, gender identify, gender expression, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, cultural observance, household income or body type/size.


    1. Tops MUST cover chests
    2. Tops MUST have shoulder straps
    3. NO sheer clothing
    4. Bottoms MUST cover personal areas
    5. Undergarments may NOT be exposed
    6. NO hats, hoods, visors, or other head coverings other than religious
    7. NO sunglasses, goggles, or eye coverings except prescription.
    8. NO bare feet
    9. NO slippers
    10. NO Flip-flops
    11. NO backless sandals
    12. Sneakers should be worn for physical education classes.
    13. NO clothing which is lewd or displays any message with a sexual connotation, profanity, hate, discrimination or advertises drugs, alcohol, or violence.


    N.J.S.A. 18A:11-1; 18A:11-7; 18A:11-8; 18A:11-9


    Adopted:  26 May 2021

    Revised:   17 November 2021

    Revised:   21 September 2022