Degrees and Certifications:

Hello, I'm Ms. D!


My name is Ms. DiMaiuta and I teach the REACH Program and Whole-Class Enrichment here at Chesterfield. It is my 7th year of teaching and I am super excited to work with all of my students! I can't wait to have another amazing school year filled with problem-solving, critical thinking, STEAM integration, and hands-on activities. Our goal is to always continue learning, growing, and discovering new things.  

"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery" - Mark Van Doren

Here are some quick fun facts about me:

1. My favorite animal is a monkey

2. I love traveling & went to Spain this summer

3. My two favorite foods are pizza & pasta

4. I was on ESPN... twice!


 (The image on this page reads "TODAY is the day to learn something NEW")