• REACH Program (Grades 1-6:) Pull-out small group instruction 

    Breakdown by grade level- 1st-3rd grade: 2x a cycle & 4th-6th grade: 3x a cycle

    (Each class is 40 minutes in length)

    REACH Program Curriculum can be found from our website by doing the following: 1.) Click the "Departments" tab 2.) Then, click "Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessments" 3.) [On the side bar] click "Curriculum" 4.) Under "Specials Curriculum" you will find "G&T".  

    Class Links/Apps:

    • "Wall of Fame" Project (5th-6th grade ONLY): Wall of Fame - Criteria
    • Seesaw App (1st - 6th grade)
    • Google Classroom (1st - 6th grade)