Trick (High Frequency) Words to Practice

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     Trick Words

    High frequency word recognition improves reading fluency and automaticity, allowing the student to focus their efforts on the more mentally demanding task of reading comprehension.


    How can you help your child master their high frequency words? 

    ·         -Reading texts that use high frequency words repeatedly

    ·         -Repeated readings of easy and familiar books

    ·         -Read high frequency words in phrases, rather than isolation

    ·         -“Playing” with words in games, rhymes, and songs

     Here are a few practice activities you can do at home:

    Clap: Clap each letter.

    Snap and Clap: Snap the vowels and clap the consonants.

    Opera Sing: Sing the letters in an opera voice.

    Stomp: Stomp each letter.

    Pinch: Pinch each letter.

    Movie Star Kisses: Put your hand to your mouth, throw each letter a kiss.

    Fly Like a Bird: Arms flapping up and down.

    Nose: Hold your nose and spell it.

    Tap It: Tap it out on your desk.

    Cheer It: Like a cheerleader, alternate arms and shoot into the air.

    Pound It: Pound fist into open hand for each letter.

    Volcano: Start out as a whisper, get louder with each letter, and explode when you say the last letter.

    Slow Motion: Stretch out the sound of each letter.

    Frog Jumps: Start standing up, as you say each letter crouch down a little farther, jump into the air at the end as you say the word.

    Pat It: Pat heads for tall letters, tummies for short letters, and knees for letters that extend below.

    Hula: Hands on hips and swivel for each letter, hands in the air at the end when you say the word.

    Jumping Jacks: One letter for each movement.

    Toe Touches: Cross the midline and touch each opposite toe for each letter.

    Frisbee: Throw each letter out Frisbee style.

    The Swim: Swim the letters, hold your nose, and go down at the end when you say the word.

    Imaginary Chalkboard: Children pretend a chalkboard is in front of them. Write each letter on the chalkboard, making letters large. When you finish each word, pretend to erase it.

    Tigger Bounce: Bounce up and down for each letter.

    Alligator Clap: Open and close arms for each letter.

    Dribble and Shoot: Dribble the letters and shoot the word.

    Pumping Iron: Pretend to lift weights, one rep for each letter.

    Whisper It: Whisper each letter.

    Disco: Pretend to be John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Hand starts at stomach for each letter. Hand up for consonants, down for vowels.


    Note: Not all of these are for everyone. Try a few and make rote memorization fun while appealing to the auditory, visual, and kinesthetic senses.