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    SNAP Words

    Below is a helpful link that I have used and I use a similar techniques to teach students to use in class while using SNAP words !


    Below are some charts we use in the classroom. One is an actual picture from our room students are familiar with. :) 

    snap words


    anchor chart

    classroom chart we use

    A list of sight words for Kindergarten that we practice. 



     sight word list

    Language Arts- Writing 


    We have several genres in writing Informative, Narrative and Opinion writing.

    On class dojo are the PDF of extra writing and handwiritng paper and resources. Below is what we use to warm up in wiriting. We review what expectations of a writer are. What does it look like? Sound like? We follow our anchor chart below . 

    writers anchor chart


    Langauge Arts - Readers Workshop 

     ***Students have learned to use their super reading powers in school during reading workshop.

    Here is a chart similar to the one in our room we use during reading. Just like in Writing in Reading we learned about many genres of reading. There are Fiction and Non- Fiction books as well. There are different stratgies we practices. One is to retell the setting, characters, problem and solution in a story. 

    super readers

    reading chart


    just right books

     Math  Eureka Engage NY 

    Homeowrk books were sent home . Please check the parent letters weekly to know the lesson and module we are in currently. 


    We have learned number bonds and number sentences. We know the math vocabulary, part, whole, sum, etc... 

    Students are working on fluency facts 1-5. Note cards or Zearn is a great resource for practice. I will list a few educational websites that can help with math facts as well.

    ten frame

     math bonds

    number sentence




    Helpful Educational Websites/Games:



    Fun Brain JR.

    National Geographic

    Learning Games for Kids

    IXL- Pearsonalized Learning

    Math/Fluency Practice


    Social Emotional :


    social emotional