• Miss Midora's 2nd Grade Supply List 

    1 Bookbag & Lunchbox (optional: extra reusable bag to be used for snack) 

    1 Plastic Pencil Box (labeled with your child's name)

    1 Pair of Clean Socks (used as dry erase erasers...in a sandwich bag with your child's name)

    1 Container of Play Doh (labeled with your child's name)

    1 Reusable Grocery Bag (used for carrying our class library books for independent reading time)

    Headphones (in a storage bag, labeled with your child's name)

    **Please talk to your child about his/her preference for buds or old school DJ style.**

    Supplies needed for the classroom, optional for donating:

    Tissues, Baby Wipes, Sandwich Bags, Storage Bags