Agenda (handed out at back to school)

  • Agenda Session 1 and 2


    1. Introduction and teaching philosophy .

    2. Curriculum brief review and homework expectations. 

    3. Specials (NO flip fops any day !) (sneakers especially for gym days!) Please make sure your child has child friendly shoes when possible :)

    4. Daily activities schedule / lunch recess procedures aids, paraprofessionals 

    5. Snack procedure (NUT free) NO CANDY please. School policy. 

    6. Safety Drills procedures Picking up students, medicine, creams, COVID etc...  (fire drills, lockdowns etc...)

    7. Communication- Class Dojo please sign up / sign photo permission slips.

    8. Dismissal (please notify main office asap and class dojo me for a reminder) I could be absent that day!!!! 

    9. Classroom Community - Star of the week poster alphabetically chosen the Friday before. 

    10. Question/ Answers * not a time for an individual conference but general questions welcomed! :)