• Welcome to 5th Grade!

    I am so excited to be your teacher this year. This is my fifth year teaching at Chesterfield in fifth grade and I cannot wait to meet all of you. It is going to be a SUPER year! My goal this year is to help you embrace all of the superpowers you possess and help you shine as the superhero you are. This may be through your academic success, having a positive mindset no matter what, having confidence and being a leader, or sharing the special qualities that make you unique. As superheroes, we will work as a team to have an inclusive classroom community where we all use our light to help each other shine. Together, we will make this year AMAZING!

    Some Super Facts About Ms. Holloway...

    • Clearly I love superheroes! My favorites are the Scarlet Witch, Spiderman, and Groot.
    • My favorite movies are the Guardians of the Galaxy series and my favorite TV shows are WandaVision and Moon Knight.
    • My favorite colors are pink and yellow.
    • My favorite sports teams are the Eagles, 76ers, and Phillies.
    • I love reading and writing, as well as studying ancient history. 
    • My favorite animals are dogs and orcas.