• Mrs. Cirillo's Second Grade Supply List


    Thank you very much in advance for supplying these items to help us get started this year. These materials will help make our jobs in second grade much easier! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the items on this list.


    Mrs. Cirillo’s Second Grade Supply List

    Please put your child’s name on the supplies with an asterisk (*) 


    A pencil box for personal supplies (Preferably the longer 12 in. box)*
    - Crayons and Markers
    - 12 or more pencils (preferably Ticonderoga brand)
    - Scissors (optional)
    - 8 Fat Glue sticks
    - Eraser caps 
    - Post-it notes (1 small pack 3 x 3)
    - 2 one-inch, three ring binder with pockets*
    - One yellow folder- with prongs and pockets*
    - One red folder*- plastic is best
    - One blue folder*- plastic is best

                                      - 1 one subject notebook-with wide ruled lines*

    - 2 marbled composition notebooks*
    - Dry-Erase markers (fine point, if possible)- Expo Brand is best
    - 1-2 socks to use as an eraser
    ~Optional Supplies to Donate to Our Classroom~
    - Clorox/Lysol Antibacterial Wipes
    - Antibacterial Hand Gel
    - Large Freezer Ziplock Bags (Gallon or larger)
    - Sandwich size Ziplock Bags
    - Tissues
    - Baby wipes
    - Pencils
    - Glue Sticks
    - Cap erasers
    - Velcro
    - Masking Tape