• Who is Miss Midora?

    Wow...this is my 19th year of teaching!  Time sure does fly! This is my SWEET 16th year at Chesterfield.  I went to college at Holy Family University in Philadelphia, and later went back to get my Elementary & Special Education Master's degree from there, as well! In my first three years of teaching, I taught 4th grade at St. Mary's School in Bordentown.
    I like to think of myself as a passionate teacher. I take pride in teaching the required content with excellence...taking into account what each student individually needs to learn best. With great care and tact, each lesson is delivered in a way that meets them right where they are. Expectations are high and scaffolding is abundant.   Besides being academically advanced, in my classroom, it's very important that we care about each other, and help one another. At the end of the year, when the class leaves me, it's my hope that they didn't just learn a lot, but they also have good hearts filled with empathy and compassion! As one student said, "Miss Midora's class is always like a family." 
    My favorite thing to do is spend time with my family & close friends, and enjoy my dog Gracie.  My favorite subject is Science.  I love the color teal. I'm a true Eagles & Phillies fan...sorry, I have to stay true to my home city!  My favorite candy is peanut butter M&M's, and my favorite snack is guacamole with chips!  You will always find music playing in my classroom or wherever I am...even while I'm making copies!  And my favorite ice cream is ANY kind of ice cream.  :-)
    It has been a real joy to teach at Chesterfield. I believe I am exactly where I'm meant to be, and am thankful for each day I have in the classroom. It is indeed a privilege and blessing. I look forward to another great year with my Midorables!