• FAQ???
    What is a "Midorable"? 
     This word was created by an interim superintendent who used to pop in our classroom everyday, sometimes many times a day. He would linger around and really get the tone of our class. One day he said "I know what your kids are, Midorables--they are yours and they are adorable!" The word stuck and has become a label of any student who lands in my class. Since then though, the word captures not just the surface of having your child in my classroom...it's a mindset and way of being that makes him or her a Midorable. Such as--Midorables work hard at doing our best academically and lovingly. We put our efforts into being kind and having good hearts. Midorables shine brighter by how we cheer each other on, help others and share. We are "adorable" not because we're cute and wear in style clothes, but because of how we love.
    How often do you assess Reading Levels?
    Reading levels are assessed three times a year, aprox. October, January & May. Daily student/teacher conferring along with record keeping allows me to make sure your child is on the level best for his or her reading abilities.
    How often do you give back Graded Work?
    Tests are graded immediately and returned. It is important to me that parents see results sooner rather than later. Please keep the tests and/or projects that are graded. If you ever have any questions about grading, please email me. 
    How do I go about setting up a conference with you?
    The best way to request a meeting or conference is to email me. I am free to meet before school from 8:00 to 8:30.  It is greatly appreciated to ask for a conference in advance so I am well able to prepare and give you a fulfilling meeting.  Do not hesitate to ever ask to speak to me about any question or concern about any area. Open communication is key to a successful school year for everyone involved.
    What is the best way to contact you?
    Email is the best way to contact me. I will usually respond to any email by the following day. At times, emails may require some research, communication with other teachers, or simply "I want to sleep on it", and for these times a follow up email will be sent as soon as all information is gathered. In case of a true emergency, I can always be reached via the main office.
    What does "Home Court" mean?
    Home court is the idea that our classroom is like playing on a team's "home court". In our class we try to be supportive through practice, help each other, cheer each other on, look out for one another, etc. There are no put downs by anyone, for any reason, at any time.  If and when this happens the student being offended should say "Home Court" in response to remind the offender where they are and that kind of behavior isn't cool in our classroom a.k.a home court.
    What are "Zingers"?
    Zingers are words or put downs that are hurtful and "zing" our hearts and minds. Zingers can be shot or thrown. Our classroom is a zinger-free zone and students are encouraged to make their homes zinger-free as well.
    What is the secret to doing well in school?
    Pay attention!!  I will spend as long as I need to, explain any topic over and over again in 10 different kinds of ways, make the lesson fun, play a game, review the material in groups, pull students out to work with me one on one, ask students to explain it in "second grade talk", and do it all over again in order for my students to learn. But the key is, as a student, YOU must PAY ATTENTION. I promise, you will "get it", ask any past Midora Kid.