• Welcome to 2nd Grade!



                                                          August 22, 2023 


    Dear 2nd Grade Students,


            I wanted to write to you and let you know how happy I am that I will be your teacher this year.  Second grade is such an exciting year with lots of fun activities and many interesting things to learn!  I know you will love all the things we will be doing together. 

           This year please be sure to talk to me when you have something to share, when you don’t understand something, or if you are upset.  I will listen very carefully.  It is very important that we work together and believe in ourselves.  Never think that learning something is “impossible.”  Instead, take that word “impossible” and turn it into two words - “I’m possible.”  If you believe in yourself and keep trying, anything is possible!

            Starting the first day of school, you should bring in a daily snack.  I recommend you bring in something healthy to help you get through our busy mornings.

            You can display and print the supply list for my class from this website.  These are things you will need for 2nd grade.    


    Enjoy the rest of your summer.  Stay safe and have fun.  I can’t wait to see you in September!






    Mr. McCann