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    Dear 4th Grader and Families, 

               Where has the summer gone?  I hope you have filled your summertime with memories that will last a lifetime!  I am looking forward to being your 4th grade teacher and having a year filled with an enthusiasm for learning and an eagerness to take on all the learning opportunities and experiences 4th grade has to challenge you with.  There is no outshining the one thing you have been anxiously awaiting…your own locker!  Your desks, computers, Eno board, books, and the many other resources in our classroom are waiting for you too! 

                In math, we will multiply, divide, work with fractions, explore decimals, and think like awesome mathematicians.  We will read, think about, and discuss many wonderful books.  Our pencils will be busy writing many fabulous stories, poems, essays, and even a feature article.  Additionally, we will spend time studying the American Revolution and our home state NJ in Social Studies and we will conduct many fun experiments in science.  

                Reader’s and Writer’s workshops will begin during the first couple of weeks in school.  We will also be spending some time talking about books that are special to us.  Is there a book that touched your heart, stands out in your mind, connects with you, or is just a pleasure to read?  Please come prepared with a few thoughts about a book that had special meaning for you and an experience you think you would like to write about. You don't need to write anything down now for either of these, just get those thinking wheels turning. 

                I am excited to meet you on Thursday, September 6th. I know we will have an awesome school year together!

    Mrs. Hartman