• Please click the link for the word study homework - the same pages can be found you child's homework folder-  Word Study Homework

    Weekly Homework typically looks like this each night:
    Math - a homework that reinforces 4th grade standards
    Reading - Read 20/25/30 min - add reading to tower of books
    Spelling - Word Study
    sort and write is Monday
    choice is Tues. and Wed.
    look, say, cover, write, and check is Thurs. 
    Word Study Quiz on Friday 
    *At times, the children will be assigned Social Studies,
    Science, and/or Writing homework*

    Homework is designed to reinforce, practice, and/or expand upon skills and knowledge.  Homework also encourages good study habits, it trains students to organize their work and time effectively, and it enhances the skills of gathering and using information.  Each day, the students will record homework in their agendas.  
    Homework is expected to be returned the next day of school unless a different due date is assigned.  Late assignements happen at times for a variety of reasons.  Please let me know if there was a particular event that affected the puctuatlity of returning assignments.  Sometimes homework can become a frustration.  If that happens, it is perfectly ok to walk away, take a breather, and try again later.  Feel free to jot me a note/email and I will assist your child with whatever he/she needs to be successful.