• Let's read 100 books!!!

    The take home reading program will begin right after Back to School Night! 
    There will be a book placed in the pocket of your child's ROCK book each night.  Please read the book with your child and sign the log next to the book title.  Children will be rewarded occasionally for their total books read at that time.  Books will not be given on weekends, holidays or if I am not in the classroom. 
    The books will increase in difficulty as the year goes on.  These books are also meant to be an exercise in reading with speed, expression & fluency! 
    Finding the "Just Right Book"...just like Goldilocks, our munckins need to find books that fit.  Sometimes the take home books may be:
    Too Hot:  Have your child preview the text by looking and the pictures and talking about what they think is happening.  Read the book to your child first.  Reread it, allowing your child to read words they know. 
    Just Right:  Preview the book and let your child read it.  Help them with any difficult vocabulary (like names or places). 
    Too Cold: If the book is too easy for your munchkin, have them read with emotion, or tell their own story to go with the pictures.  They can read the book to someone else.  Discuss what they would do differently if they were the author.  Discuss any connections they can make to the book.