• Snap words....aka: sight words or high frequency words (formerly called popcorn words)

    We learn these words for mastery not only because they pop up everywhere but they are often words that we can't sound out. 
    Please work with the words often to assist your child in mastering all of them.  Research suggests that we must interact with the word 20 times before it is committed to memory. 
    Drill as practice often does not work for our young learners.  Here are some alternate activities.
    1. Word hunt.  Look around the house for a specific word.  See how many times it "pops" up. 
    2. Build it.  Use pretzel sticks, cheerios etc. to build the words before snacking!
    3. Shape it.  Similar to Build It, use playdoh or clay to shape the letters.
    4. Memory:  Make 2 sets of cards, turn them face down on the table.  Take turns flipping over 2 to make a match
    5. Go fish.  Using the same 2 sets, play the card game go fish with popcorn words.
    6. Use shaving cream or finger paint to write the words.  Can also be done with pudding! 
    The more fun we make learning, the more learning will happen!  If you have any fun things you do at home to learn the popcorn words, please share them with us!
    Unit 1:  a, I, my, on, the, big, that, it
    Unit 2: play, like, is, no, and, out, said, so
    Unit 3: we, come, are, can, you, in, have, up
    Unit 4: to, am, me, at, go, be, do, will
    Unit 5: he, did, she, where, for, away, make, blue, run
    Unit 6: down, yellow, find, was, black, look, see, brown, one, funny, white, help
    Unit 7: yes, jump, little, not with, went, they, red, here, three, two, get
    Unit 8: there, what does