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    In order to have a successful year where learning is optimized, we have to have order and routines. The class rules are clear and are frequently reviewed.  School wide rules are also in place.

    Students' have 3 main rules to follow: Take care of themselves, take care of their friends, and to take care of the school.  By folowing these 3 rules, our classroom is a safe and happy place to learn and grow.  This year we will focus on green and red behaviors- what they look like and how to make good choices.  We will also focus on the pilliars of good character to guide us as we form our classroom community.   Each rockstar will have their own "brag tag" necklace.  Children can earn tags for good behavior, excellent work, good character etc.  Once a marking period brag tags will be permitted home so you can see their awesome work.   


    Tables also earn  :) to earn beanie babies at their seats.


    BINGO board for special days
     Every time we get a compliment or someone does something wonderful for someone else, I will pull bingo number.  When we have a bingo, we will have a special themed day!