• Important cafeteria information!!!lunch

    To make sure that all the kiddos have a lunch to eat please read the following:
    At the beginning of each month 2 menus will go home.  Please keep one at home and send one back indicating the days and entree your child will be buying. Please do not put the menu in the envelope for the kitchen or I will not get it!  If your child is not buying lunch, you do not need to send in the menu.  Sending in the menu helps me to make sure everyone gets what they want/like at lunch!  :)
    Snacks at lunch (not offered until after winter break):  Please indicate on the menu if your child is allowed to purchase snacks at lunch as well.  Lunch aides will not permit anyone to buy a snack unless they are on the snack list I prepare for them each day.
    Changes: If you need to make a change to your child's menu, simply send in a note or email indicating the change.  
    Please note that unfinished, open food is not taken out of the lunch room to be eaten in class.