• We are busy, busy busy as soon as our coats and backpacks are hung up! 

    Here is a GENERAL glimpse of all the things that may show up on our daily schedule (but not all in one day!) ! Please note items may change due to new restrictions put in place. 



    1. Morning Workunpack

    When the children enter the room, they will get unpacked independently (after a few weeks of training the troops!), sign-in on the Activ board and begin to work on their jumpstart folder.  This is a seasonal packet of coloring, drawing, mazes, etc.  Children will work on this activity while others arrive and unpack.  During this time, attendace and lunch count is taken.  

    2.  Morning Meetingfriends

    Part of building a community of learners is sharing our Morning Meeting.  Everyone in the room at the time will be participating in the meeting.  

    During the greeting each person is welcomed to our classroom.  We will have many different greetings throughout the year!  In the beginning of the year, the students will practice saying good morning to each other and sharing something about themselves, such as favorite food or color. Sharing is a time to learn more about each other and work on becoming amazing listeners. The Activity portion of the meeting is a game, song, poem or other quick activity where everyone works together and has fun!  Message and News leads us into our academic day!  The children learn about something we will do that day in the morning message. Children will have an opportunity to sign up to share something with the class, like an exciting event or something found on a nature walk.  Calendar is also introduced at this time, as well as our daily schedule.  
    3.  Phonemic Awareness/Word Work/Word Study/Phonics/Handwriting


    This time is dedicated to mastering the sounds of the letter of the week through hands on practice.  It is also dedicated to print concepts, and other literacy topics such as parts of speech, syllables, and high frequency word mastery.  Later in the year we will learn about blends, diagraphs, word families and long vowel patterns!  We will establish a strong foundation of letters and their sounds through many interactive activities.  We will use Fundations this year for Phonics and Handwritign instruction. 


    5. Math Shapes
    We will be exploring many math concepts this year through active discovery and hands on experiences. We use Eureka Math. We will be holding Math Workshop to provide practice at all levels with independent or partner work and individualized instruction with a teacher!   We use the Activ board to practice our skills, too.  We will be counting to 100, exploring addition and subtraction, comparing quantities, discovering geometry and many other fun math concepts!  We us a math journal to work on problem solving skills! Math concepts being taught will also be reflected in the homework assignment for the week on the choice board.
    6. Snack time!grapes



    Everyone's favorite time of day--especially when it is something special.   We all munch and crunch together! Please remember to pack a snack everyday! Snacks in our room must be NUT FREE. (Please pack snack in a separate bag from your child's lunch so there is no confusion- you may pack nuts for lunch)



    7. Reader's Workshopshhhh
    RW begins with a mini-lesson that teaches a specific skill or idea that should be applied to reading.  Children will have a chance to read independently as well as with partners and buddies from another (older) class. In September we start with books that everyone can read as we discover Who Reads, Why we Read, What we read, When we read, How we read and Where we read.  Readers progress from table baskets of books to shopping for their own bag of books!   Individual conferences with each student will be held at this time to check on progress as well as small group direct reading instruction.  Children will progress as readers at their own pace as our love of reading grows! I can't wait to grow a garden of readers this year!
    8. Organized Play/ Catch Up Timehopscotch

    At this time children may choose a play center to be at for the day.  The choices will change weekly. This is a time for social development as well as fine and gross motor skill work.  This time will also be used for catching up any student who may have been absent for an important lesson.  This is a chance for one on one instruction!  At the end of the Marking Periods this extra time will also be used for Assessment.


    9. Writer's Workshop 


    From the second week of school, we will be holding Writer's Workshop daily.  The children are authors from the first day.  Just like Reader's Workshop, WW begins with a mini-lesson targeting a specific skill to be learned.  The children will have time for independent writing as I am conferencing with individuals or small groups.  We begin with telling stories from our daily lives (small moments) and then progress to Pattern Books, All About, How-to, Fiction, Poetry and Author Studies!  Just like Reader's Workshop, the writers work at their own pace and at their own level, BUT everyone is celebrated as an author.  Children progress from telling stories through illustrations, to adding labels, to attempting sentences and finally to writing many sentences using invented spelling to convey ideas.  It is amazing to watch the progress as the year progresses! 
    10.  Lunch and Recess!    

    11. Rest time/Quiet time

    This will be a nice calming time in our room.  Soothing music will fill the room while children lounge on beach towels, finish work they want to work on, color, play with play-doh  or read for a little down time.   It will be time to recharge for the remainder of our day.  Rest time will end once everyone has had the opportunity for a drink and trip to the restroom.

    12. Content Areasmicroscope

     We will learn about many areas of Science, Social Studies, Health and Character Education this year.  We will be conducting many hands-on science inquiries and interactive Social Studies Lessons this year as well!

    13. Specials

    Please see the Special Schedule in the ROCK book or on the Website for more specific details!
    Kindergartners have the following specials:  PE (2x a cycle), Library, Computers,  Music, World Language, Art.  We also have visits from our counselors and our Enrichment teacher several times a year for additional lessons. 

     14. Centerspaints

    Center time is always a favorite!  This is a chance for social and academic growth!    Centers are based upon academic themes as well as fine and gross motor activities.  Parent volunteers will be needed for assistance during some weeks of centers.  Centers may take place 1 or 2 times a month. 

       15.  Afternoon Meeting/Dismissaldiversity

    A chance to close our day the same way we started it with a good-bye activity and song. We will recap today's events and we will look ahead to tomorrow's learning adventure!