(Week of 3/16)
    This week have the students watch the video and go to the link "La familia" so they can practice the vocabulary.

    (Week of March 23)

    This week I would like for the students to create a family tree and label the family members in Spanish. Please take a picture and send it to: rmoncada@chesterfieldschool.com


    (Week of March 30)

    This week I would like for the students to practice the family's vocabulary by playing Bingo. Please print 3 or 4 pages of the following picture and have them cut the family members. We have played Bingo in the classrrooom before so they should know how to do this. One way to do it is telling them to only choose 3, 4 or 5 pictures and have the pictures facing up so they can see the names of the family members. You could play this as a family. One person is going to call the cards. When they flip all cards they will have to call Bingo. Have fun and be safe.


    La Familia-Bingo


    (Week of April 6)

    This week the kindergarten students should listen to the following song and sing along to practice some of "family" vocabulary. If they would like a challenge and feel comfortable, I invite them to sing the song and make a video of their family members when they are mentioned in the song and saved it. As of today 4/6/2020 you should not send the video to me. I will let you know when I get more information if that would be possible in the near future.

    (Week of April 20)
    Hello, kindergarten students and parents. I hope you are all doing well and are safe. I have created a google classroom for all my kindergarten students. I hope that by doing this I am going to be able to post some videos so they can see and hear me. Also, I would like to set up some google meets during the week so we can have a chance to talk to each other and I can answer questions that they might have. 
    Please use the Google Classroom code below to access your Spanish class.  Each week a new Spanish activity and video will be posted. Most assignments will be able to be submitted through Google Classroom.  Please hold on to all other work and creations until we return to school.
    Instructions on how to join new classroom:
    1. Open Google Classroom
    2. Look at the top right corner and click the plus sign

    3. Put in the code:mnwo35p

    4. Once you finish putting in the code, click "join class"
    (Week of April 27)

    Assignment for this week has been posted in google classroom.


    (Week of May 4) 

    Assignment for this week has been posted in the new remote learning google classroom.