• About Me
    I have enjoyed teaching Kindergarten at Chesterfield Elementary School for sixteen years. Prior to teaching, I attended Salisbury University, MD for my Bachelor's Degree and then I continued to earn my Master's Degree at Wilmington College, DE. I student taught in Tabernacle, NJ in a Kindergarten classroom and that is where I learned that this is the grade for me. I thoroughly enjoy working with the young students. This grade is very rewarding. I am able to see them grow and mature throughout the year. We discuss problem solving, manners, community helpers, character education, health, and much more. With a new year now upon us, I look forward to working with the children and helping to shape them into little scholars. Education is very important to me. I am always available to help the children at any time during their academic career. This is my 15th year of teaching Kindergarten and I continue to learn and grow right along with my students.  The students will be working on learning and growing through manipulatives and many hands on tools. We will practice reading and writing daily and I find that my level of enthusiasm while teaching helps the students want to strive to do well. I look forward to working with all of te students and their families to ensure that this Kindergarten school year is a wonderful first step towards understanding school. 
    In June of 2011, my husband and I welcomed our daughter Sophia into the world. This year she will be entering the fifth grade and I look forward to watching her learn and grow just like your own children will too!  In March of 2013, we welcomed our son, Carter into our family. He is now 8 and full of life. I love being both a mommy and a teacher. I feel very lucky to have both a son and a daughter.  I look forward to working with your children this year and I hope they will create memories that will last a lifetime!