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    Reading and Writing are "Fun"demental!!!

    Reading and writing are such a major part of EVERYONE'S life.  Learning to read and write is and will be a major role in your child's journey throughout Kindergarten and beyond.  Just like any journey, your child will hit bumps, detours, traffic jams, highways and straight long roads.  My hope is to show you and your children that reading is fun and that giving up is NEVER the answer.

    First: Always read to your child! Reading books to children at an early age raises your child's knowledge and imagination. Vocabulary and listening skills are also more defined as well as developing an important foundation for your child's language development. Imagination and curiosity are developed with the help of reading. So try to buy interesting and progressive books. Indeed, reading starts at home!

    How to read effectively at home:
    Before you read: Do a "picture walk."  Look through all the pictures in the book and discuss what you think might take place in the story by only using the pictures.  (I always do this in class before reading a book.) Having your child create their own story by just looking at the pictures, helps them define their creativity, expand their imagination, and later aide in creating their own stories.
    During the reading: Enjoy! I also like to break down any vocabulary that your child might not fully understand.
    After the reading: Ask your child questions! Discuss the main plot of the story, examine characters and their traits, and relate the story to your own life.  During this time try to remind your children to use the new vocabulary the book introduced.  I also enjoy thinking of an alternate ending.  Children usually enjoy doing this most.  I always try to make it my own and create something new from something old! 

    Second: Let your children see how much you enjoy reading and writing.  Let them see how important it is to your everyday life.  When children see their parents reading a book. magazine, or even reading on the internet, children want to model those they love.  This will jump start their want to read.  The same goes for writing.  Letting you children see you writing a shopping list, paying a bill or writing a note to the teacher shows them the importance of writing in their daily activities.