• principal
    Classroom Rules:

    Everyday every student starts with their clothes pin on the "Ready to Learn" place on my five part behavioral chart. The students have areas to grow and succeed with this chart and then there are areas where they may need reminders when it comes to choices and decisions they need to make. If the student is disruptive or fails to follow a classroom rule they will have to move their clothes pin down a notch to help them to think carefully and hopefully move it back up in time to where they are trying their very best to have a good day.  If the students are asked to move their clothes pin it tells students to use caution and think about the direction they are headed.   Severe behavior will result in a change to moving down another notch to where that student will be asked to stop what they are doing and change their direction of behavior.This behavior will result in a few minutes asked to sit our during either indoor play time or recess time.  The teacher will use her discretion when it comes to emailing the parent about a classroom behavior. If there is a reoccurrence of behavior, a conference may need to be scheduled to discuss thoughts and develop a behavioral plan that works best. 
    *If a student changes their behavior and makes better behavioral choices their cards may be moved back towards "I am sailing in the right direction." I am a teacher who believes in warnings and trying to work on making the right choices. We are all learning and growing at this age. I understand that students are all unique and individual and I am willing to work on helping in any way that I can. 

    Positive Reinforcement:
    Chain Links by the classroom door are used as an incentive towards help the students remember body control while in the hallways, kind classroom manners towards one another and when we may receive a compliment from another teacher or person in the school about our behavior as a class. Once the chain links accumulate and reach the floor... their teacher will have a fun, little surprise for the students on their name tags the following day. 
    Students are recognized throughout the day for putting forth their best efforts. There are many times when I may need a teacher helper or a volunteer in the classroom and that is a great area to shine. I try to look towards ways of building on the self- esteem and confidence of these growing scholars. I believe that students really get a taste for what school is like while in Kindergarten.