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    Posted by Victoria Wolochow on 9/12/2012 12:00:00 PM

    As the school year is about to beging, I look forward to allowing your children to come into the classroom and my hope is that they are able to feel comfortable, strong and safe while they are with me. I try very hard to work with all of the students on their own levels. I want to help build their levels of confidence and help them to grow while they are with me this year. One of the areas that I focus on greatly is trying to have the students have an understanding of what it means to respect one another in all areas. We will work on strengths together and we will work together on how we can understand a classroom and school environment. Acceptance of everyone is very important and I will do my best to help guide and teach the students while they are with me. I understand that the students are all coming from different paths in life that lead to them coming to me, here at Chesterfield. I am honored to be their teacher and I look forward to a wonderful school year together. 

    Victoria Wolochow 

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