Being a strong reader means figuring out tricky words AND understanding what our stories are about. Here are some retelling reminders and questions to discuss during your weekly reading homework:
    A retell includes:
    -Was there a problem? What was it, and how did it get solved?
    Discussion prompts:
    1. "This part of the story reminds me of..."
    Tell about a part of the book where you made a connection. Does this part remind you of something from your life? Does it remind you of another book you have read?
    2. "I'm wondering..."
    Tell about a question you had while reading your story. See if you can find details in your story to help answer that question.
    3. "My favorite part was..."
    Tell about your favorite part in the story and WHY it was your favorite part.
    4. "I noticed..."
    Tell about something interesting you noticed while reading. This could be about a character, something that happened, or something new you learned.
    5. "What if..."
    Tell about how the story might have ended differently if something different had happened in the middle.