From The Health Office

    General Information


    First Aid       

    Chesterfield Elementary School attempts to provide an environment in which your child will be safe from accidents. Minor bumps,bruises and ailments will be treated.  If an accident or sudden illness occurs, first aid will be administered and you will be notified.  No care beyond first aid, defined as the immediate and temporary care given in case of an accident or sudden illness, will be given by the school nurse.


    During the school year, your child will be screened for vision, hearing, blood pressure, height, weight and body mass index (BMI).  Children over the age of 10, in 6th grade,  will be screened for scoliosis.  A notice will be sent home for students who have difficulty with any portion of the screening.  If you have any concerns about your child's  hearing or vision at any time during the school year, please call the school nurse.  It is possible for vision to change during the year.  It is also possible for hearing to be compromised at any time by ear infections. 

    Contagious Illness

    In order to keep our students safe and healthy, we ask that you inform your school nurse of any contagious illness that your child may have contracted such as, but not limited to: chicken pox, head lice, ringworm, strep throat, conjunctivitis (pink eye) and meningitis.



    If your child has had any type of surgery or injury, please keep the school nurse informed.  A note or a phone call is acceptable.  If there are any restrictions or limitations placed on the student by the physician,  a note is required from the physician stating the nature of the injury and specific limitations.



    If it is necessary for your child to receive medication during school hours, written permission must include the reason for medication, the name of medication, the dosage to be given and the time it is to be administered.  The medication must be brought to the health office by a parent/guardian in the original pharmacy container properly labeled along with the physician's written permission. Specific forms are required for asthma, epinephrine and insulin administration.



    Students are required to receive immunizations in compliance with the current schedule as indicated by New Jersey Sanitary Code Chapter 14.  Proof of these immunizations must be presented to the school.  Documentation of "fully immunized " or "series complete" are unacceptable under these regulations.


    Immunization clinics are held at the Burlington County Health Department four (4) times per year on the fourth Monday of the month. Clinics are held in January, April, September and November from 3:00pm to 4:30pm. Immunizations are provided free of charge to children who meet the eligibility guidelines. Eligibility is based on the reduced lunch program, plus 300% of the U.S. Poverty guideline and that the child meets one of the following: 1) HAS NO HEALTH INSURANCE; 2) Insurance DOES NOT INCLUDE childhood immunizations. NOTE: Eligibility can also be regardless of income, if the child is American Indian, Alaskan Native or is enrolled under Medicaid.



    All new students entering the District are required to submit evidence/report of a physical examination completed by the family's physician or medical care provider.  Parents are encouraged to continue with physical examinations during the developmental stages of your child.  (We recommend physicals in 2nd and 5th grades).



    Food Allergies

    Food allergy is a growing safety concern.  Approximately 2 million school-aged children have a food allergy.  For some, even small amounts of the food allergen can cause a reaction.  To ensure the safety of all our children, no food will be permitted for any classroom celebrations including birthdays, holidays or special occasions.