DPT or DTap:  four (4) doses,one must be after fourth birthday (or any 5 doses)

    POLIO:  three (3) doses, one must be after fourth birthday (or any 5 doses)

    MEASLES:  two (2) doses;first dose on or after first birthday; second dose at least 1 month after first

    MUMPS:   one (1) dose on or after first birthday

    RUBELLA:  one (1) dose on or after first birthday

    HIB:  one (1) dose for children 12-59 months of age enrolled in preschool & prekindergarten

    HEPATITIS B: three (3)doses

    INFLUENZA:  at least one (1) dose annually administered between Sept.1 and Dec. 31 of each year for those children attending preschool& pre kindergarten

    PNEUMOCOCCAL:  at least one(1) dose on or after the first birthday for children 12-59 months enrolling or attending a child care center

    VARICELLA:   one (1) dose for children born on or after 1/1/1998 and children attending preschool; administered after the first birthday

    PPD, MANTOUX TB skin test: as required by NJ, see current regulations updated yearly.

    Influenza/Flu Vaccine
    "Children six months through 59 months of age attending any licensed child care center or preschool facility shall annually receive at least one dose of influenza vaccine between September 1 and December 31 of each year."


    "Students who do not receive the vaccine by December 31st will be
    excluded from school for the duration of influenza season (through March 31st) until they receive at least one dose of the influenza vaccine or until they turn 60 months of age."

    Immunization of Pupils in Schools (New Jersey Administrative Code Citation 8:57-4.1 to 8:57-4.24)

    Meningococcal/Tdap (sixth grade)

    As of September 2008, sixth grade students in public and private schools are required to receive two additional vaccines:
    • tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis vaccine (Tdap), and
    • meningococcal vaccine.

    Students will be excluded from school if they do not get the required vaccines and do not have a valid medical or religious exemption.

    More Information About the Vaccine Requirement
    A student born on or after January 1, 1997 who is entering sixth grade must receive both the Tdap and meningococcal vaccines before the first day of school.  Students who are 10 years old when entering sixth grade are not required to get meningococcal conjugate vaccine (the preferred vaccine is Menactra) until they turn 11.  Within two weeks of the 11th birthday, students must show documentation that they received the vaccine.

    Tdap can be given at age 10, at the earliest, depending on the type of vaccine available through the child’s health care provider.  If the physician only carries Adacel, the child will not be required to get the vaccine until age 11.  If Boostrix is available, the Department encourages that it be administered when the child is 10.

    Religious Exemption

    New Jersey’s immunization regulations provide for medical and religious exemptions.  Objections to vaccination that are of a philosophical, moral, secular or of a more general nature are not acceptable.  The school must receive written documentation from parents/guardians stating that due to religious beliefs their child will not receive immunizations.