Little Dragons Preschool Beginning of the year information:
    Welcome back to school! I have listed some supplies you will need for the school year:
    Regular size backpack- Please make sure the bag is big enough to fit a regular sized folder without bending or folding it.
    Daily snack. Make sure to send a juice or water with the snack (no candy, glass bottles or soda). We do NOT have a microwave or refrigerator so please use ice packs and send in foods that do not require cooking. Also, please do not send in any peanut products.
    Pocket folder
    Change of clothes- Please send in a complete change of clothing (please label everything). As the seasons change we will send home the clothes to request seasonally appropriate clothes. The clothes will be kept in your child’s cubby.
    The following items are not required, but requested for donation to the classroom
    Baby wipes (these are great for messy hands, cleaning paint, etc...)