• The Chesterfield Township Elementary School REACH program (G&T) is a dynamic small group program that is both challenging and meaningful to our students. Students must meet a set of varied and stringent criteria to be eligible to participate in the additional work required.  The expanded enrichment program supports a learning environment that encourages students to engage their abilities to the greatest extent possible. The goal of the program is to actively engage each student so that he/she is able to reach his/her highest potential. With this goal in mind, the focus  is on:
                                     *Cultivating the higher order thinking skills
                                     *Stimulating creativity and curiosity to solve authentic, real-life problems
                                     *Improving communication skills
                                     *Utilizing current technology to solve meaningful problems
                                     *Conducting research
    The curriculum is arranged in a spiraled reinforcement sequence, which allows for discovery and freedom of choice. Projects are designed so that each student's unique contribution is successful and recognized. A wide range of instructional strategies are utilized, along with varied texts and supporting materials, grouping strategies and student choice throughout the units.
    This program is consistent with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and the NJAC 6A:8, Standards and Assessment for Student Achievement.  The board policy can be found here.  Please direct any questions to the Supervisor of Special Services.
    For those interested, a parent nomination form can be found below. Please complete and return to the Supervisor of Special Services.
    Click here for the Parent/Guardian Nomination Form  deadline for submissions is the Third Week in September (annually)
    Click here for the Guidelines & Description of the program.
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    Click here for the G&T Program Revisions 9/22/21
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