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    Activity 1: Favorite Things

    Its always fun to talk about our favorite things and learn about someone else's favorite things!  Ask a friend or family member to play this fun game!  I am sure that person will learn a lot about you and you will learn a lot about them.  


    Activity 2: Self-Regulation Workout

    Self-Regulation is the process your brain goes through, that gives you the ability to manage your emotions and behaviors.  There are strategies we can do that will help us develop our sef-regualtion skills.  The best part...the strategies are fun!  Check out this 7 minute workout for self-regulation.


    Activity 3: Silly Putty Video

    Playing with Silly Putty is a great and healthy way to relieve stress after a long school day.  Watch this video and make your own Silly Putty at home!








    Activity 1: Everybody has Talent

    We all have hidden talents and things that we are proud of. Show it off. Color in the rainbow and write down on each ray things that make you, YOU.

    For example: I love elephants! I enjoy baking. I LOVE hugs.

    Once you complete this assignment, share it in the Classroom Drive.


    Activity 2: Brain Break

    Short brain breaks during work time have been shown to have real benefits. They reduce stress and frustration and increase attention and productivity. The key is to take them before fatigue, distraction or lack of focus set in.


    Activity 3: No Permission Slips Needed

    Thanks to technology, it’s now possible for kids to visit all kinds of places from the comfort of their homes. Here's a list of the best virtual field trips for you, so enjoy your “visit”! If you need it, YouTube offers a closed captioning option. Just click CC button at the bottom right-hand corner. 



    Activity 1:  Screen Free Bingo

    Since we have been remote learning, we have been glued to our screens!  It is so important, that during our down time, we step away from our screens and explore the world around us.  This Screen Free Bingo game will let you do just that!  Have fun!

    Screen Free Bingo


    Activity 2:  Growth Mindset Activity 

    Growth mindset is learning how to accept and embrace challenges.  It is when a person believes that they can achieve anything by working hard.  People with a growth mindset know that they are continually growing and learning and they choose to focus on the positives in their life.  This growth mindset activity allows you to focus on the many positives in your life.;-)  

    Growth Mindset


    Activity 3:  DIY Playdough

    Not only is playdough fun but it also has therapuetic value!  Playdough is a great tool for releasing aggression and stress!  Playing with playdough when you are upset or angry is an amazing coping skill.   Check out this video to learn how to make your own playdough at home.

    DIY Playdough



    Activity 1: Virtual Recipe Book

    Many of our amazing students have been spending time learning new recipes, practicing their measuring skills, and finding a new hobby cooking or baking.

    Please share with us your favorite recipes. They can be savory or sweet.  As an added bonus, share a picture of one of your masterpieces!

    Recipe Card


    Activity 2: DIY Fidgets

    Fidget toys are utilized in many capacities. Firstly, they are a quiet way to help students focus, improve attention, and helps to eliminate extra sensory distractions. This video will help you create six different fidgets by using materials you already have at home. We would love to see your creativity. 

    DIY Fidget Toys


    Activity 3: Feelings & Emotions Coloring Sheet 

    Feelings and Emotions Coloring Page





    Activity 1:  15 Quick and Easy Sensory Crafts for Kids

    A sensory activity is any activity that engages the five senses and the vestibular or proprioception systems.  It is particulary important for children because it can allow them to explore their creativity, while learning about the world around them through their senses.  Check out this video for quick and easy sensory craft ideas!  Email us your final creation! 

    Sensory Crafts Video


    Activity 2:  Gratitude Scavenger Hunt for Kids

    Gratitude is believed to be one of the healthiest emotions a person can have.  Get in touch with all of the positive in your life with this Gratitude Scavenger Hunt!

    Gratitude Scavenger Hunt


    Activity 3:  Coping Skills Checklist

    Healthy coping skills are ways to manage our big emotions.  This checklist is a way to recognize what coping skills you could use to help you when you feeling sad or angry.  

    Coping Skills Checklist







    Activity 1: Mind Jar

    Watch the video for step by step instructions. I'd love to see the final projects. Email us if you create one :)
    mkhalifa@chesterfieldschool.com & dchristiansen@chesterfieldschool.com


    Activity 2: Self Affirmations

    Please color in the following worksheet and email us a photo of it when completed =)
    mkhalifa@chesterfieldschool.com & dchristiansen@chesterfieldschool.com

    We will create a collage of the art work submitted.

    I Am Coloring Page

    Activity 3: Brain Dump Bullet Journal

    In the blank space, write down anything that is on your mind. There are no right or wrong answers. Sometimes we have too many thoughts in our minds and a way to release all those thoughts is writing them down :)