• New Student Registration


    Step 1

    Obtain a Transfer Card and a copy of your child’s Immunization Records from your current school.  Email them to mrsb@chesterfieldschool.com.



    Step 2


    Prepare the required registration documents.  You will be required to upload ALL the required documents in Step 3.  If you do not have all documents, you will not be able to continue through the registration process.

    Please submit every document listed below.

    You should have a total of 12 documents submitted:


    - Copy of Birth Certificate

    - Copy of Deed or Lease Agreement

    - First Proof of Residency (such as utility bill, driver's license, etc.)

    - Second Proof of Residency (such as utility bill, driver's license, etc.)

    - Authorization to Release Student Records (PDF fillable form)

    - Bus Safety Contract (PDF fillable form)

    - Universal Child Health Record (Print and bring to your child's doctor for completion)

    - Immunization Records (from your child's doctor)

    - Health History Questionnaire (PDF fillable form)

    - Health Insurance Form (PDF fillable form)

    - Health Release Form (PDF fillable form)

    - Photo of Student 


    Optional Forms (if applicable, can be emailed to kreg@chesterfieldschool.com):

    - Medication Administration Form

    - Asthma Action Plan

     ****You must have  ALL of the above forms before moving on to Step 3. You will not be able to complete the registration without all of the required documents****



    Step 3


    Click Here to Register your Student

    Click Here for a step-by-step guide if you are having difficulty with the electronic process.

    Click Here for directions to change the language of the registration form.

    As part of registration, you will complete the Home Language Survey. This survey helps determine if your student will be eligible for additional support learning English in school.