• Ways to Support Your Child's Learning Over the Summer



    Set Aside Time to Read - Set aside 15 to 30 minutes a day to read.  Provide time for your child to read books of their choosing that they can read independently.  Reading your own books alongside your child is another great way to reinforce reading. 

    Read Aloud - Spending time reading books aloud to your child is another way to support reading and language skills.  Choose high interest books that may be above your child’s independent reading level, but at a level they can understand and discuss.  Talk about the story with your child and point out interesting and new words they may not yet know.


    Below are some sites that are either used by the district or have a free component for parents.

    iXL -  Summer Learning Hub - Math and Language Arts

    Moby Max - District student accounts are still active.  Math and Language Arts

    Zearn - District student accounts are still active. Math

    Epic! Online Books - many students already have accounts

    Splash Math - Math Activities K-5

    Freckle - Math and Language Arts

    Bedtime Math - Fun math activities to do at home!

    Math Playground - Grades 1-6 - Engaging arcade-style games to parctice math fluency and logic

    Khan Academy - Grades K-8 - Math & ELA How-to video lessons and practice by grade-standard or skill

    Khan Academy Kids - Pre-K- Grade 2 - Math, ELA, SE Adaptive Learning (including circle time)

    Barnes and Noble Free ebooks 

    Fundations Letter Sounds A-Z - Grades K-2

    Fundations Letter Sound Drill 


    Additional Enrichment Activities - On Ms. DiMaiuta webpage


    There are many standards covered at each grade level.  When supporting your child over the summer, you may be asking where to place your focus.  The link below can help.  The New Jersey Department of Education put out a Summer Learning Resources Guide and one of the resources was a link to a site listing the Critical Standards for each grade level.  This resource was created by the Alabama Department of Education, but they correlate with the NJ standards.  

    Click Here for Critical Standards