Please put your child’s name on the supplies with an asterisk (*)

    • A pencil box for personal supplies (Preferably the longer 12 in. box)*

    • Box of 24 Crayons*

    • A box of 12 or 16 count Washable Markers*

    • 12 or more pencils (preferably Ticonderoga brand)

    • Scissors (child's size)*

    • 8 Fat Glue sticks (.75oz each) 

    • a box of cap erasers
    • 1 small pack of 3"X3" Post-it notes

    • 2 one-inch, three ring binder with pockets*

    • One yellow plastic poly folder that has prongs and pockets* 

    • One red plastic poly folder*

    • One blue plastic poly folder*

    • 1 one subject notebook-with wide ruled lines*

    • 2 marbled composition notebooks*

    • Dry-Erase markers * (fine point, if possible)- Expo brand perferred

    •  1 lunchbox if your child will be packing lunch*

    • 1 backpack (no wheels please)*
    • you may also want to purchase a small reusable snack bag 



     ~Optional Supplies to Donate to Our Classroom~

    • Clorox/Lysol Antibacterial Wipes

      Large Freezer Ziplock Bags (Gallon or 2 Gallon size)


      soft Tissues

      paper towels

      Baby wipes

      fat Glue Sticks

      Fine Point Dry Erase Markers




    Updated August 2019